Monday, June 9, 2008

Price list

Here is somewhat of a price list:

Monogrammed travel mugs 12.00
Monogrammed sports bottles 13.00
Monogrammed bags 10.00
Bottle wrap and burp cloth set 15.00
Burp cloth 7.00
Bibb 5.00
Apron 12.00
Key chain 5.00
Happy Birthday shirts 24.00

A few more items

Sunday, May 25, 2008

My new hobby!

I have recently gotten really into embroidering things. I have had my machine for a while but just really started doing a lot of new things. I really enjoy it, I just wish I had more time for it. Anyways, I know some people were interested in seeing some of the different items so here are a few. I will post new ones as I do them. I do take orders, so just let me know if you are interested in purchasing anything.

This is a boy bag, burp cloth, towel and wash cloth. I bought this particular towel and wash cloth and just monogrammed the name. However, I do have a train design, just not this same one.

burp cloths with the different fonts and designs.

monogrammed bag

two of my favorite burp cloths I have done.

mongrammed travel mugs

burp cloth and bibb

monogrammed sports mugs. These are one of my favorite things. The bottome comes off to place a snack in.

more monogrammed mugs

a few more burp cloths. Sorry- I could not get this picture to expand and turn.